About Us


As a leading Destination Mangement Company (DMC) we are proud to provide highest quality of service to all of our client. We give to you and your passengers and unforgettable experience of rich culture meeting modern vision and imagination, Swelled by magnificient scenery and captured by the magic of the Arabian tales, only here you can experience and adventure of a lifetime!

Info Muslims Tours is a fast growing company with Head Office in Jakarta, Indonesia and have many partner in other country like Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Europe and many more. We only have profesionals office staff in every country. Our quality standards are set high and safety of the people is our priority. Welcoming our guest at the airport, we are happy to take them to any hotel and destination on their program – providing guided excursions in more than 7 different languages English,Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Czech, and Korean; and a great variety of local tours and excursions, including tickets for attracions and adventure parks.

Not only we procide numerous amounts of local services, we make sure to secure the most compatible rates as well. Contracting more than 500 hotels and chains on many countries in the world, we distribute promotions and services to all of our partners on a regular basic.

We offer yo the best insight view the most traditional, charming , and modern places of the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon , Jordan, Oman, Iran , Chin, Hongkong, Korea and Japan. Info Muslim Tours make sure to provide a vast range of activities to our clients – from corporate and business events to leisure and adventure thrills – we have it all!

Info Muslim Tours is famous with friendly service which making all people fell satisfied. Info Muslim Tours make sure to design best tours in the region, delivering fully local experiences and highest quality[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]